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Keep up to date on the latest tax law changes, accounting news, and updates with IRS TaxX Relief, LLC.  

We offer in tax representation and tax resolutions for IRS tax audits and tax problems, tax planning, tax return filing and tax planning for individuals, corporation, S corporation, partnership, limited liability company, and sole proprietor as well as bookkeeping services, financial statements, and small business consulting. 

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March 2021

Spring is almost here!

With April 15th right around the corner, get answers to common tax questions in this month's newsletter. Also included is a look at how bank reconciliations still play an important part of your financial health and a reminder to every small business owner to classify their workers correctly or pay a heavy price with the tax authorities. Also review the resurgence of classic board games and explore some newer games that are great for family and friends.

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Please note: Some material may be time-sensitive and may no longer apply.
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