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Income Tax Preparation

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Tax Preparation, Accounting & Business Services

One of our core specialties is income tax preparation for individuals and small businesses. Since the tax laws are quite complex, we stay abreast with the latest tax law changes and updates, so we may better serve our clients. As a Former IRS Agent/Tax Accountant, Cheryl Phen has a comprehensive, diverse tax knowledge as well as a thorough understanding of the IRS tax codes.

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Individual Tax Preparation

Our goal is to maximize your deductions and minimize your taxes and liabilities by filing your tax return accurately.  We understand the tax codes such as itemized deductions (medical expenses, charitable contributions, theft and casualty loss, work related expenses, and other expenses), investments (dividends, securities), rental properties, sale of properties, and business (income, expenses). We will identify any potential tax credits and deductions that are best applicable to your tax situation.

Business Tax Preparation

Whether your company is a Corporation, S Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Partnership or Sole Proprietor, a properly filed tax return prepared by a trained professional will avoid costly errors, penalties, and audits by the IRS.

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Don't worry about learning the complex tax laws or how the latest legislation will impact your business on your own, let us do all the work for you.  Your expertise is in running your business, and we are experts in tax related matters.  We understand the importance of accurately reporting the income and expenses on the tax return that truly reflect your business operation such as officer's compensation, contract labor, depreciation, sale of properties, distributions, and other business issues.

We will help you stay current and meet the various tax deadlines.  Rest assure that all your tax needs will be handled professionally. 

Our tax preparation service is reliable, affordable, and most of all very convenient! We offer Secure Online Data Access where files may be transferred using our Secure Client Portal. To ensure accurate and timely filing, our firm is an authorized IRS e-File Provider who may transmit tax returns electronically to the IRS.

As your Tax Advisor, we will analyze your past and current tax situations. Our team will work with you not only during the tax season but throughout the year, so we can help you plan and achieve your financial goals!  We will make sure you are in compliance with the IRS filing requirements and maximizing your tax savings.

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We proudly serve our clients and deliver the highest, quality work.  Our biggest compliments are the referrals that we received from our valued clients.  ASK US about our Client Referral Program which offers a referral fee to our existing client for every new client referred.

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