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Non-Filed Tax Returns (Owe Back Taxes)

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What happens when you don't file your tax returns?

SO... You haven't filed your tax returns for the last couple of years.  As a non-filer, you are more likely to be selected for an IRS audit.  Not only will you owe taxes and interests, but penalties will be assessed for the failure to file and pay the taxes timely.  All these can add up to a hefty price tag!

At IRS Tax X Relief & Accounting, LLC, we understand that life happens which prevented many from filing their taxes.  We specialize in tax matters including preparing non-filed tax returns for individuals and businesses.  Our goal is to help you file all your non-filed tax returns with the maximum TAX SAVINGS, so you are current on your tax return filing requirements. 

Common penalties include:

  • Failure to file – when you don't file your tax return by the return due date, April 15, or extended due date if an extension to file is requested and approved
  • Failure to pay – when you don't pay the taxes reported on your return in full by the due date, April 15. An extension to file doesn't extend the time to pay
  • Failure to pay proper estimated tax - when you don’t pay enough taxes due for the year with your quarterly estimated tax payments, or through withholding, when required.

Let our experienced tax professionals help you file your non-filed tax returns before the IRS starts an audit.


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