Did you receive an IRS tax audit letter?

Are you intimidated by the IRS and nervous about what to do next? The tax laws and IRS tax codes are very comprehensive and hard to understand. While only about 1% of taxpayers are being audited each year, you may find yourself in that minority. Don't talk to the IRS alone without knowing all your options and without any IRS tax audit representation. Whether your audit is a face-to-face audit or a correspondence audit via mail, IRS Tax X Relief & Accounting, LLC can help you through the auditing under the supervision of our highly experienced CEO Cheryl Phen, Enrolled Agent (Ex-IRS Internal Agent).

What to expect during an IRS tax audit?

You will be notified by the IRS as to what records are needed beforehand, so that you may prepare for a face-to-face meeting or fill out correspondence audit paperwork. The IRS may be examining your return in its entirety, or they may only want clarification for specific items reported on the return. For example, if you own a small business and have been continuously reporting a loss resulting no tax liability, the IRS may want further proof and documentations to justify your losses. This could include everything from rent receipts and utility statements to a detail record of customer billings.


Tax Audit RepresentationMost IRS tax audits end with changes or adjustments to the returns. This could be in favor of the taxpayer or the IRS depending on the records provided for substantiation of the tax issues during the audit. Although the IRS does not necessarily target taxpayers per se, you may owe them more money without a representative on your side. Therefore, it is crucial to have an experienced and competent Enrolled Agent like our CEO Cheryl Phen (EX-IRS Revenue Agent) to represent you in all your tax audit matters, so you could get the maximum TAX SAVINGS and possibly a Tax Refund.

IRS Tax Audit Representation Expertise:

  • Correspondence Examination
  • Office Audits
  • Field Audits
  • Individual Audits
  • Business Audits
  • Real Estate Audits
  • Cash Intensive Business Audits
  • Audits without Records

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